Parenting Coaching & Discussion Groups

Our clinicians offer parent coaching and periodic parenting discussion groups to meet the needs and interests of the families in our community. Parenting coaching can give parents the resources and support they need to turn ideas into practice. Parents may be guided through a process of identifying and looking at challenges with new perspectives to gain new insights and tools for communication and problem solving, and reflecting on the process to achieve new understanding about themselves and their family. 

Topical discussion groups, often in six-week cycles, give parents opportunities to build community with one another, learn about compelling research and expert perspectives on various themes and issues, and share about on reflect on their own family lives. 

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Parenting Discussion Group Topics May Include:

  • Parenting in the presence of learning disabilities

  • Creating and navigating healthy relationships with schools

  • Parenting through trauma, loss, and/or grief

  • Building a community of parents in the City

  • Book Clubs Plus: useful books, articles, and community resources for families with various needs

  • Parenting children "through the ages"

  • Multi-home families, coparenting, and communication

  • The intersections of parenting, gender, and sexuality

  • Bullying, social media, and fitting in

  • Healthy morning and evening routines at home

  • When homework isn't working

  • Parenting in the presence of mental illness

  • Managing multiple support services for my child(ren)