Neuropsychological Assessment

When parents or educators need a comprehensive picture of a student's cognitive, academic, and social-emotional development, they may seek a neuropsychological assessment. In collaboration with the child and her parents, educators, and healthcare providers, a neuropsychologist conducts a comprehensive set of assessments to determine the child's cognitive profile and learning style, as well as to provide diagnostic
clarification. The neuropsychologist then formulates a tailored intervention plan that meets the child's developmental, educational, and social-emotional needs. This information is shared with the family and is detailed in a comprehensive assessment report, which the family can choose to share with the child's school and treatment providers.

During each evaluation, a pediatric neuropsychologist may examine:

  • Academic skills

  • Attention and concentration

  • Executive functioning

  • Intellectual abilities

  • Language processing and speech

  • Learning and memory capacities

  • Motor functioning

  • Sensory capacities

  • Visual and nonverbal functions

  • Social and Emotional Functioning